3 Emotion Coaching Tips to Help Kids Navigate Conflict – Child Counseling Wooster, OH

Angela Earley May 19, 2021


Child Counseling Wooster, OH

  • 1) Tune In

    Be aware of your child's lower-intensity emotions. You can do this by picking up on nonverbal cues, like a balled-up fist or eyebrow scrunching. Tuning into these emotions, early, can help guide action before they escalate.

  • 2) Make a Choice

    When emotional conflict happens, it can be challenging for parents to not be reactive. Intentionally change your perspective of the situation. View these moments as a gift, an opportunity to connect with and teach your children.

  • 2) Be a Good Listener

    Give your children space to be heard. Ask them what's happing and allow each child to express their side of the conflict. Then, respond back with what you've learned, offering both empathy and validation of the situation.

If you're having trouble with conflict among your children, I can help.

  • Learn more tips on how to navigate kid conflict with emotion coaching.


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Since 2012, Angela has been assessing clients and successfully guiding trauma treatment in her private practice using the NeuroSequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) developed by Dr. Bruce Perry of the Child Trauma Academy. In addition, Angela has been invited to consult on multiple regional cases involving highly challenging special needs children.