3 Mindful Listening Tips to Use During Relationship Conflict – Couples Therapy Wooster, OH

Laurence Kendrick June 28, 2021


Couples Therapy Wooster, OH

  • 1) Approach With Curiosity

    You may think you already know what your partner is wanting to communicate to you, so you enter the conflict with a closed mind. It's important to be curious and open to what the conversation holds, allowing for new perspective and understanding. Show a willingness to learn, ask for details, seek clarification, and reserve judgement.

  • 2) Tune Into Your Inner Silence

    Create space within yourself for new insight. Set your views and thinking aside, in the moment, and listen with intent. Use awareness of your breath to help bring you to inner silence.

  • 3) Listen to Understand Rather Than to Respond

    During conflict, you may notice you're searching for and preparing a counter argument to respond with. Replace this with the same energy to want to understand what your partner is trying to convey. You can reach understanding even if there isn't agreement.

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