3 Techniques for Mindful Parenting – Child Therapist Wooster, OH

Angela Earley July 20, 2022


Child Therapist Wooster, OH

  • 1) Slow Down, Step Back, and Observe

    Parenting can turn into a fast-paced juggling act causing routines and structure to become cemented in your day-to-day. There may be opportunity to tweak your routines to help relieve stress now and in the future. Make a concentrated effort to slow down and observe. Discover how you can improve routines and communication leading to happier and less stressful days.

  • 2) Let Go of Perfectionism

    If you've been a parent for long enough, you know things don't go as planned. Embrace this idea to help with managing chaotic situations. “If you can just say to yourself in that moment, ‘This is chaos,...we can be more aware of what’s happening right now," says psychologist Dr. Elisha Goldstein. Scientific studies have shown creating awareness of the situation like this causes positive changes in the brain,"...we turn the volume down on the amygdala, which is the fear circuit of the brain, and bring more activity to the pre-frontal cortex...", says Dr. Goldstein.

  • 3) Mindfulness Creates a Healthy Environment

    When you're stressed, your kids know it and absorb it. Your stress becomes contagious. “Data shows that the greatest source of childhood and adolescent stress is not school work, extracurricular activities, or peer pressure, but parental stress," says holistic physician Dr. Amy Saltzman. Practicing and becoming skilled at mindful parenting benefits the whole family.

If parenting is becoming overwhelming, I can help.

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