3 Tips for Breaking Unhealthy Repeating Cycles – Mental Health Wooster, OH

Laurence Kendrick July 29, 2021


Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

  • 1) Keep Track of Your Pattern of Behaviors

    Monitor the behavior in question and record it each time. You can write it in a journal, record with it with video or audio, or maybe you'd like to share this experience through a blog or podcast.

  • 2) Figure Out What Your Triggers Are

    Triggers are issues your sensitive about and can cause an overreaction in your behavior. To discover your triggers, be aware in the moment when this overreaction occurs and begin to ask questions like, "Why am I having this reaction at this time?"

  • 3) Further Understand Triggers by Being Aware of Your Responses

    Take note of your responses and ask yourself why you had the response, was the response healthy and appropriate, and what may have been a better response. Don't be judgmental towards yourself, just be an objective observer.

Do you want some professional help with breaking the cycle?

  • Learn more about breaking unhealthy cycles.


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