Deep Listening and Steps for How You Can Learn the Skill – Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

Angela Earley February 17, 2021


Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

  • In the article, The Gift of Deep Listening, authors Jessie Stern, Ph.D. and Rachel Samson, M.Psych. discuss the value and impact of deep listening. 

  • Deep listening provides space for exploring challenging emotions and leads to healing and growth.

  • Steps for learning to listen deeply:

    1. Connect with yourself first
    2. Make time
    3. Minimize distractions
    4. Notice the urge to move away (interrupt, fix, distract, move on) and choose to come back

Are you in need of deep listening? Try a session with a mental health therapist.

  • Learn more about deep listening and its value.


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