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Angela Earley November 18, 2020

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Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

  • Temperament as defined in the article, "Emotional Temperament Helps You Deepen Self-Acceptance", "...are elements of personality on a range of seven dimensions of emotion." 

    1. Labile to Nonreactive
    2. Dysthymic to Optimistic
    3. Anxious to Calm
    4. Obsessive to Distractible 
    5. Passive to Aggressive
    6. Irritable to Cheerful
    7. Shy to Sociable

  • Being aware of and understanding your temperament can help with self-acceptance. 

  • The two steps, mentioned in the article, towards self-acceptance are:

    1. "Consider forgiving yourself for having the temperament you were born with."
    2. "Have some understanding for how it may have been difficult for others in your life to get what was happening at the time."

As mental health therapists, we can help with understanding your temperament to gain more self-acceptance.

  • Learn more about temperament and self-acceptance.

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