Generation Z and Anxiety

Article By Western Governors University

Members of Generation Z, kids and young adults born starting in 1997, are coming of age in a society unlike the one in which their parents and elders had to grow up. Many reports suggest that U.S. teenagers are more sheltered, more pressured to succeed, and more anxious and depressed than ever before.  Many hide behind screens and avoid face-to-face interaction. Anxiety leads many teens to avoid interacting with their crushes or potential partners.

In an attempt to combat this challenge, Boston College philosophy professor Kerry Cronin created an assignment for her students: ask a romantic interest out on a date, in person, that will happen within the next week and last for about an hour.  This strategy forces students to face their fears and helps them gain confidence when they realize that initiating dates isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

Do you have teenagers who face anxiety and struggle to put themselves out there?  Exposure to feared situations is key to overcoming anxiety.


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