How a Couple Used the Aftermath of a Fight to Repair Their Relationship – Couples Therapy Wooster, OH

Angela Earley October 15, 2020


Couples Therapy Wooster, OH

  • A cat's litter box became the subject of a "huge fight" between a couple. Harsh words were said and feelings were hurt, even so, this is an opportunity for deeper understanding.

  • Psychologist, Dr. John Gottman's research shows that repairing and processing these conflicts is critical to relationship growth. Avoiding and suppressing hurt feelings is only a temporary solution. The hurt feelings are still there and ultimately erode a positive connection between couples.

  • According to neuroscientist Evan Gordan, our brain is always observing our surroundings, asking is it safe or dangerous right now? Unresolved problems can lead to relationship insecurities creating an environment that doesn't feel safe to share vulnerable emotions.

If you're facing these relationship challenges, couples therapy can help recreate a positive connection.

  • Learn more about repair strategies in the aftermath of a fight.


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