Play Shapes How Children See the World – Child Therapy Wooster, OH

Michelle Morton September 16, 2020

beautiful happy boy with painted hands

Child Therapy Wooster, OH

  • Play in a child's life is more than a fun time, it's a pivotal tool for child development.

  • A few of the developmental benefits include, empathy, motor development, and the ability to work through feelings.

  • Play is even used in trauma therapy to help children regulate their anxiety and provides a sense of control over their lives, helping them feel safe.

 If your child is struggling, I can help. See how child therapy can improve mental health.

  • Learn more about the importance of play in a child's life.

Michelle integrates her training in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) developed by Dr. Bruce Perry, with her knowledge of the Expressive Therapies Continuum (ECT), developed by Kagin and Lusebrink. These two theories are complimentary, as they combine a trauma informed and neurosequential developmental approach with various media in art. Michelle has found great success using this approach in working with children and adolescents experiencing any form of emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges.