The Experience of Marriage Told by Marriage Therapists

The Gottman Institute

Marriage Therapists, Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, 68, and Dr. John Gottman, 77, are the founders of the Gottman Institute.

The Institute uses scientific studies as a foundation for helping couples develop and maintain healthy relationships.

They’re co-authors of the recently published book “Eight Dates: Essential Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.”

Their Relationship Experience

An innocent sit-down in the Spotted Pony Espresso, a coffee house in Seattle, turned into over 30 years of marriage. When they first met, Julie and John found common ground through psychology. John was a psychology professor and Julie a psychologist.

The chemistry was there from the start, “He walked me to my car and our steps matched perfectly,” Julie describes, and began to grow quickly. After 6 months, they were married in a small synagogue in Seattle.

Like any relationship, as time went on, they discovered their differences and how to understand them.

Dr. Schwartz Gottman explains, “Our relationship was based on different approaches and backgrounds. We fought like cats and dogs, but we’ve worked a lot of things out. We’ve learned to create a dialogue about our differences and to accept them. Humor kept us alive when we had conflict.”

Learning and Ever-Evolving Marriage

Julie and John describe what they’ve learned and continue to learn about each other. Also, they discuss what helps keep them deeply connected.

“Marriage is always changing; you’re always learning, even after 30-plus years. That’s exciting and helps me feel really close to her,” says Dr. Gottman.

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