The Five Secrets at Home Featuring Mary Stockton – Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

Mary C. Stockton March 5, 2021


Mental Health Therapist Wooster, OH

  • Check out this week's Feeling Good podcast with Dr. David Burns for an episode with Dr. Mary Stockton and her teenage daughter, Elizabeth.

  • Together with the psychologist Dr. Rhonda Barovsky, they discuss effective communication strategies for parents and teens.  Dr. Stockton will share some of her own "parenting communication errors," and the "five secrets" framework she relies on for facing challenges.

  • You'll also learn more about the tools and techniques of TEAM-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is offered at Chrysalis in Wooster.  We hope you enjoy this informal, heartfelt conversation.

Check out the podcast episode below:


Dr. David, Burns. “The Five Secrets at Home”, Feb. 24, 2021,

As a clinical psychologist, I work with children, adolescents, and women to help them recover from depression and various forms of anxiety, including social anxiety, generalized anxiety, panic, and specific fears and phobias.

Although much of my work involves treating people with clinical diagnoses such as Major Depression and Anxiety Disorders, some of it involves helping people who struggle to maintain positive self-esteem and a sense of joy about life. Psychological problems and mental health concerns take place in the context of all the other activities, commitments, challenges, and joys of a person’s life. In addition to addressing mental health concerns, I enjoy helping people resolve relationship problems, identity concerns, major life transitions, grief and loss, and other challenges that affect mental health.