The Magic Ratio in Relationship Satisfaction – Couples Therapy Wooster, OH

Angela Earley January 21, 2021


Anxiety Wooster, OH

  • Couples therapist, Dr. John Gottman, discovered in his research the magic ratio of 5:1. This ratio represents the number of positive interactions to negative interactions during a conflict. 

  • Couples with 5 or more positive interactions during conflict had stable and happy relationships.

  • A few tips for increasing positive interactions include:

    Share Appreciation.  Tell your partner three things you appreciate about them every day.

    Show affection often. Affection can be both physical and verbal like holding hands or saying “I love you.”

    Be an active listener. Make sure you are listening to understand and not just respond. Ask questions, summarize, and make eye contact.

If you're having relationship troubles, I can help.

  • Learn more about the magic ratio and tips on how to increase positive interactions during conflict.


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