3 Tips for Effective Communication With Your Teen – Child Counseling Wooster, OH

Kathy Edwards December 22, 2021


Child Counseling Wooster, OH

  • 1) Be a Good Listener

    Curiosity or concern about what's going on in your teen's life is a parental instinct. It can be tempting to pry and ask questions. Being an intent listener can be a better option, removing the pressure for your teen to share information and instead allowing space for them to open up.

  • 2) Show Trust

    Find ways to communicate your confidence in your teen and respect their need to be taken seriously. Ask a favor or volunteer a privilege to show your faith in their ability to handle it.

  • 3) Do Things Together

    Take time to do things you both enjoy and create an aspect of your relationship that's free of attentive parenting. Go for a hike, cook a meal together, or go to an event. This adds another layer of trust between you both, being comfortable sharing fun experiences together, without any intrusiveness. 

If you're having trouble communicating with your teen, I can help.

  • Learn more effective tips for communicating with your teen.


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