Our Story


Chrysalis Family Solutions is the result of an amazing personal journey combined with years of professional experience.  For 19 + years (Angela) and 30 + years (Dave), we have worked professionally in a wide variety of settings to help children, youth, and families create transformation in their lives.  In private practice, community non-profits, and in our personal lives, we have seen and experienced how hard it can be to find the help that your child or family needs.


The name Chrysalis, with its connotation of incredible transformation and positive change, holds very special meaning for our family.  More than ten years ago, we became the foster parents of an extraordinary 13-year-old girl who eventually became our daughter. She accepted us, but at the time didn’t understand why we chose her. We understood that she felt like a caterpillar stuck in its cocoon, trying to change every day to keep pace with the challenges of life. She felt lonely and confused, but we could see the beautiful butterfly that would eventually emerge.


Change and growth are part of everyone’s lives, but that doesn’t mean they come easily — or that we need to face difficult times alone. Chrysalis Family Solutions has evolved from our professional experience combined with our long-standing passion for helping children and families find the support and guidance that they need. We believe in providing carefully coordinated services to help people overcome their challenges.  To that end, we are intentional about building and maintaining collaborative partnerships with other healthcare professionals and organizations to provide the care that families and children deserve.

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