Joanna Cutlip, M.Ed., LPCC

Joanna has enjoyed over two decades serving as an independently licensed professional clinical counselor and has had the privilege of working in a wide range of settings. In addition to serving as the director of an employee assistance program, she has had the opportunity to support the emotional growth and wellbeing of her clients in community mental health, criminal justice, and private practice settings. She loves meeting her clients wherever they are on their journey and supporting them in getting to their next level, as they define it.

Joanna has completed intensive training and gained many years of experience in providing both cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy (CBT and DBT). Her strength is compassionately and skillfully empowering her clients to get out of their own way while teaching them the skills to achieve greater emotional and behavioral self-mastery.

Her belief is, and research supports, that mental health counseling is far more effective when it also supports clients in making important lifestyle changes that lead to improved sleep, increased movement, and optimal, individualized nutrition. Because lived personal and professional experience have taught her that the mind and body are intricately connected, she also chose to complete training to become a certified integrative mental health professional.

Outside of her role as therapist, Joanna spends a huge amount of time in the kitchen and garden. She has found first-hand that nourishing herself and her family through good whole foods, can and does lead to the reversal of many chronic and challenging conditions.

Joanna currently lives in Wooster with her husband of almost 30 years; her 12-year-old son; her 21-year-old daughter, who is currently a student at Cleveland State University; her 92-year-old mama; her dog, Winnie the Poop; as well as a cat named Brownie that was never supposed to be more than a stray.

Life has taught her that a good cup of tea (or a strong cup of coffee), accompanied with a sense of humor, especially when shared with a caring soul, can be a good start for changing, or sometimes accepting a lot of things.


Cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy combined with lifestyle approaches for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, trauma, screen addiction. The emotional, social, and familial challenges of coping with PANS, PANDAS, Lyme, and other chronic health conditions. Body image, improved coping with life transitions and change, self-esteem, parenting coaching for common parenting challenges, coaching for parents who homeschool. Decision making and problem solving, identifying and replacing limiting core beliefs and their associated sabotaging behaviors.  Lifestyle coaching to optimize mental and physical health and wellness, life coaching to provide accountability, and professional support for achieving your identified personal and professional goals.

Extensive Training and Certification Programs in:



Integrative Mental Health

Professional Life Coaching

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