2 Mental Health Issues That Affect Young Children – Child Therapist Wooster, OH

Angela Earley September 20, 2023


Child Therapist Wooster, OH

  • 1) Anxiety

    Young children can have anxiety and it can be visible through their behaviors. Below are common signs of anxiety:

    • Has significant difficulty sleeping, frequent night waking, bad dreams, and/or night terrors
    • Expresses frequent fears and worries around various activities (e.g., going outside, going to child care) or specific things (e.g., spiders, elevators, dogs).
    • Displays a short fuse with strong emotions—doesn’t have space between an upset and a full-blown tantrum
    • Is clingy and fussy beyond what seems typical for their age
  • 2) Depression

    Young children can and do experience depression. Below are common signs of depression in children:

    • Lack of enjoyment in common activities
    • Sad and unresponsive facial expressions
    • Listless body posture
    • Slower physical mannerisms
    • Irritable and fussy
    • Trouble eating and sleeping
    • Unexplained physical aches and pains 
  • 3) Look for Signs and Ask for Help

    If you observe any of the signs of anxiety or depression in your child's behavior, speak with a healthcare professional to discuss advice and potential treatment choices. Consider seeking assistance from a mental health expert who specializes in working with young children.

If your child is struggling with anxiety or depression, I can help.

  • Learn more about how you can spot the signs of anxiety or depression in you child and how to get help.


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