3 Cognitive and Physical Development Activities for Babies – Child Therapist Wooster, OH

Angela Earley November 23, 2023


Child Therapist Wooster, OH

  • 1) Tummy Time

    Tummy time plays a significant role in building the foundation for physical and cognitive growth. When babies spend supervised time on their stomachs, they engage their neck, back, and core muscles, helping them to develop strength and coordination. This not only supports their ability to lift their heads and eventually roll over, but it also contributes to the development of fine and gross motor skills. Tummy time also provides essential sensory experiences, allowing babies to explore their environment from a different perspective, strengthening their visual and spatial awareness.

  • 2) Pedal a Bike

    Laying your baby on their back and gently simulating a pedaling motion with their legs promotes the development of leg muscles and motor skills, helping infants build strength and coordination in their lower limbs. It's a valuable way to encourage a baby to discover the range of motion in their legs, fostering muscle growth and enhancing their overall physical development.

  • 3) Reading Time

    When you read to your baby, you expose them to a rich vocabulary and a variety of sounds, which can enhance their language skills and comprehension. Moreover, the interaction and bonding during reading time create a positive association with books and learning.

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