The Importance of Play in Developing Resilience in Children (Podcast) – Child Counseling Wooster, OH

Angela Earley April 20, 2022


Child Counseling Wooster, OH

  • Need for Resilience Development

    Developing resilience at an early age is necessary, as it's a mental tool for navigating through life. Research shows one of the best, and often overlooked, ways for developing resilience in children is play. The Brain Architects podcast, created by Harvard University's The Center of the Developing Child, offers insight into the science of play and how it's being applied today.

  • The Brain Architects: Building Resilience Through Play

If your child is having trouble with uncertainty, I can help.

  • Visit The Brain Architects podcast episode page to learn more.


Center on the Developing Child. “The Brain Architects: Building Resilience Through Play"

Since 2012, Angela has been assessing clients and successfully guiding trauma treatment in her private practice using the NeuroSequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) developed by Dr. Bruce Perry of the Child Trauma Academy. In addition, Angela has been invited to consult on multiple regional cases involving highly challenging special needs children.